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Purchase Rehab Real Estate Investor Loan.

There are great opportunities for real estate investors in the market today. This is the best market for real estate investors in our lifetime. Unfortunately financing is not available as it has been in the past. There are options for financing purchase and rehab projects for real estate investors. Whether you are investing in commercial multifamily housing or residential investment properties there are lenders to finance purchase or refinance investor rehab projects. Since no secondary market for this type of funding exist, your deals will fall into one of two categories. Your deal will either be non conforming investor rehab funding or hard money rehab funding.

Non Conforming Real Estate Investor Rehab Loan.

Conforming real estate investor rehab loans do not exist. Conforming means there is a secondary market that will purchase these loans on wall street. The secondary market would have established criteria that all projects would have to conform to. Since this market does not exist the first category of loans are considered non conforming. Any non conforming investor rehab loan funded in this must meet similar guidelines to conforming mortgages. Whether commercial or residential these loans would meet the guidelines as all other loans except they require major rehab and are investment properties. This means the borrower, real estate investor, would need good credit, verifiable income, an ability to repay the loan, acceptable down payment and reserves, and higher licensed bonded contractors to do the rehab. The advantage to the non conforming real estate investor rehab direct tribal payday loans ( ) versus the hard money loans is that the rate and fees are substantially lower. The dis advantage is that there are many more qualification criteria and it takes longer to get the financing. But if you qualify and have the time it may be to your advantage to get a non conforming rehab loan versus a hard money real estate investor loan.

Hard Money Loans.

Though the rates are much higher with points required from 4% to 10% hard money tribal same day loans ( ) could actually be more profitable to real estate investors than non conforming investor rehab financing. First of all these loans generally fund in 2 to 3 weeks. Secondly, the qualifications are much less and therefore you can do more loans. You may only qualify for a hard money loan when you will not meet the criteria for a non conforming rehab loan. As such you have no option.

Qualifications to get Non Conforming and Hard Money Investor same day tribal loans for bad credit ( ) .

Both programs require you to purchase property where the after rehab value is 65% or less. Both programs require you to have an acceptable exit strategy to pay off the lender. Non Conforming rehab financing programs will always require a down payment of at least 20% of the total purchase and rehab costs. Hard money rehab funding programs may or may not require the down payment. Both programs will make sure the contractor or investor has the experience and sometimes licensing to complete the project. So if you have the experience, property, exit strategy and assets you can make lots of money by purchasing and rehabbing investment property.

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